10 warm up exercises for artists that spark creativity

10 warm up exercises for artist to spark creativity

Did I loose you at exercise?

Don’t panic, all of these you can do seated, and they don’t require gym clothes; you won’t even break a sweat!

As a full time artist, art teacher and creative, some days are hard for me to get in the creative mindset and actually paint. Here’s a quick list of creative activities that I use in my art practice that help give me a creative jumpstart, and get me in the mood to paint. These also make great every day warm up exercises for your art practice. 

  1. Get outside and sketch something
  2. Doodling, zentangle or mandalas
  3. Arranging flowers
  4. Painting papers with fun colors and designs
  5. Collage-tearing and arranging painted papers
  6. Coloring….yes, with old school crayons
  7. Stitching
  8. Writing words with a fun, colorful marker or paint pen
  9. Color swatching
  10. Collage by tearing eye catching pictures and words out of magazines

I often think it's just a matter of getting your hands moving, and your brain and heart will follow.

I’d love to hear what you like to use to warm up in your art practice. Check out my latest You Tube video for a fun collage warm up project HERE.

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