A blog series just in time for Spring Cleaning-Top tips for the artist from a professional organizer

Part 3- A blog series on creativity and clutter...

Have you been bitten this year by the Spring Cleaning Bug? 

If you're just joining us in this series, you can read parts 1 & 2 HERE.

Here's a few final notes on creativity and clutter.

Habits to put in place to keep your space decluttered, organized and clean

1) Clean up and put away supplies after each session

2) If you buy something new, you must get rid of something

3) Reevaluate your organizational system each month and see if there are any other supplies or art gear that you are ready to part with now that you are getting used to a decluttered space. Room to breathe gives new perspective.

Creating Work Zones

Another tip I learned from Lydia from Creating Simple, is to create work zones. In my studio, I have a work desk for creating small art, art journaling and filming courses; a prep table for sealing artwork and letting in dry; an in progress table for all the junk :); a larger work area; a relaxing area; and storage space.

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