Collecting art inspiration as you travel

I returned recently from an epic road trip with my oldest daughter. We covered 7 states in 4 days, and while the memories made with her are forever etched on my heart and in my mind, I couldn't resist taking advantage of recording the awe inspiring scenes along the way that will most certainly impact my art in the months to come.

What are some ways to capture the emotion, views and experiences on the trip like this? It was more than just chilling on the beach. It was viewing drastic changes in landscapes, stopping at historical landmarks, seeing wonders of the world first-hand, capturing sunsets, and being awed by God's amazing creation. 

Here's some ways I record the things that inspire me to paint when I travel

travel art supplies

Some of the supplies I take with me when I know I won't have much time to paint?

  • A couple small sketch journals
  • Bag of pens and pencils
  • Small water color palette and water brush
  • Washi tape

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How do I record all the ideas?

Lists: As I traveled through each state, I made a list of interesting sights and subjects unique to the area where we were traveling. I jotted these down in my art journal and even make some thumbnail sketches

Collect small items: I pick up small reminders and tape them into my journal-like brochures, foliage, tags, etc.

Photos: Of course, I take lots of photos as reminders for color and composition.

pismo beach Sketch Journal: Small thumbnail sketches on site, as well as   recording in writing the colors as I see them. Also helpful is writing   down any emotions the inspiration invokes, as well as ideas of     how I might want to paint the scene or subject.


So now a few highlights from our trip! 

We drove along Oklahoma's Indian trails; through Texas cattle ranches and groves of windmills in New Mexico; hiked Sedona and the Grand Canyon South Rim; marveled at Hoover Dam and the Las Vegas strip; then chilled out at Pismo Beach in California. We live in an amazing country and so thankful for our freedom to travel and explore!

Cadillac Ranch windmills  Grand Canyon Hoover Dam pismo beach

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Finding Inspiration for your art


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