Creative packaging for your art and products

As a creative with a marketing background, I love the concept of packaging my artwork and other products.

Whether selling at art shows, online, or in retail shops, there are several different aspects of packaging involved. It starts with branding and extends all the way to the actual shipping your product.

When you're a one-woman show as I am, sometimes packaging is a last minute thought, and has to be done on a budget, but I    always love sharing my methods. Here's some simple and inexpensive ideas that I use, as well as some questions to consider in your planning process.

1) Does the packing complement, as well as highlight the artwork/product-not cover it up? Can the buyer see what they are purchasing and see the key features?

2) Does your packaging add value to your product? This is important to consider especially if you market your items for gift-giving or sell them in retail shops.

3) What ways can I make my product and the experience memorable and make it stand out from my competition?

4) When my customer opens their package, what feeling do I want them to have?

5) Does the packaging keep the "hand-made" personal feel, while still adding a touch of professional credibility with brand and contact info?

Once you've consider these questions and know your quantity of items, do some research for more packaging ideas and suppliers. Here are some inexpensive ideas that I use for packaging, and some of my sources. (I do not receive compensation of any kind from these businesses-they are just where I    purchase the things I use.)

1) Cellophane bags. Not only do these protect your product, but they finish off any piece nicely, and they come in a range of sizes. Depending on the quantity needed, I have purchased cello bags from Hobby Lobby, Clear Bags and ULine.

  2) Bows, ribbons, tassels, etc. Who doesn't love any of these!!! I buy these year round anytime I see cute   ones onside at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, PaperMart. I'm also a big recycler and hoard/save everything cute that I find on things that come across my path.

3) Craft paper-brown or white. Clean and simple or easy to dress up with a fun painted pattern or your own artwork. Hobby Lobby, Lowes or Home Depot.

4) Labels, stickers, business cards and "About the Artist" cards. I use a local printer for the majority of my printed goods, but also use Moo, Vista Print and Sticker Mule.

5) Cute boxes and bags. Whether a clear box with a ribbon, a painted box or a fun gift box, the box can be an easy way to add an extra touch to the whole package, especially if you mail your products. Do you deliver packages? Consider a hand painted bag adorned with a bow. Find some great products at Papermart or Hobby Lobby. See this idea for making your own gifts bags from painted papers HERE.

Hope these ideas come in handy year round as you think about ways to make your artwork and products stand out in the crowd.

Here's a LIVE video from my Creative Spark Facebook community where I talk a bit more about packaging for the holidays.

I'd love to see what ideas and sources you have! Will you share them with my creative community HERE?

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