Highlights for 2022

I'm currently holding a 21-day challenge for a more creative 2023 (if you'd like to join us, click HERE), and one of the activities is to reflect on the past year and create a list of your top 10 accomplishments. This is always such a good exercise to do, because sometimes I have so many things going, it's hard to remember what I actually accomplished. Each year when I do this, it's always a big WOW....WOW God is so good! 

Here's my Highlight list for 2022.

1) Through my art business, I was able to donate artwork and money to 12 non-profit organizations.

Stacy Spangler Art

2) I got to teach at the Creative Soul Retreat at the Whatever Craft House in Newton, Kansas, and also co-hosted the Creative Faith Retreat in Round Top, Texas.

3) I started a faith based online paid membership called Creating In Him, where I  have a group of over 30 women who share faith, art and community.

stacy spangler online art courses

4) I created 4 new online courses in 2022 to add to my current online studio, where I have taught over 1300 students.

5) I collaborated with 7 other creatives this year on some amazing projects that helped people learn how to paint, create and encouraged them to use the gifts God has given them.

Stacy Spangler Art

6) My Abstract face artwork was published in a book, Warrior Women. The Untold Stories, by author and speaker, Patti Rhodes. 

Stacy Spangler Art on Bargain Mansions

7) My artwork was featured in The Magnolia network's Bargain Mansions season 4, with Tamara Day, and also available for sale on the Growing Days Home website.

stacy spangler art

8) I participated in 4 group art exhibitions in 2022.

9) I celebrated my 5th year of my Art + Scripture calendars and sold 500 calendars for 2023. (I have a few left HERE if you missed out)

10) Partnered with 9 retail shops/galleries to sell my artwork, and shipped art to customers in 33 states from my online store.

Thank you to all of you who supported and encouraged me in my art journey for 2022. Excited to see what 2023 holds!


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