Missin' My Friends

It’s been months and I’m still trying to process what we are experiencing with Covid19 and social distancing. Too many emotions. Too much information. Too much hostility out there. I tend to put on my rose colored glasses and try to focus on the positives; focus on the things for which I’m grateful. I realize that at some point I have to acknowledge the loss, disappointments and hurt, but for now I'm still finding happiness in the blessings.Abstract Art
     One thing I’ve focused on during this time has been the extra time to reconnect with friends. I’ve had time to zoom with friends, have long conversations on the phone, and more time to send texts and fun snapchats. It’s has given me a refreshed appreciation for the special girlfriends that God has out in my life. It has also helped me notice the simple traits and characteristics that I love and admire about each one. They make up for the areas where I’m lacking, and give me something to strive after. They teach me to let loose and have more fun, to be a better prayer warrior, a better listener, a better parent, and show me how to speak the truth in love. In so many areas where I struggle daily, these friends remind me of the way.
     My most recent series called "Missing' My Friends" was released late summer and celebrates the friends in my life! I hope you will find a connection with some of the ladies who have not yet found homes. You can find their stories under my original art section.

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