My Favorite Art Supplies and why less is more.

I've been creating for too many years to count, and I'm a sucker to try every new art supply that comes along or that someone recommends, but I'm here to tell you, I've come to the conclusion that "LESS IS MORE" when creating. Here are my top 3 reasons you should curb your urge to constantly buy and hoard more new supplies...

1) Too much creates overwhelm. If you're like me, too many choices only gives me a bad case of brain freeze. Not to mention, a cluttered studio makes me feel overwhelmed and stifles my creativity. When I'm feeling creative, nothing demotivates me more than to have to search through a ton of stuff to find something, or open a chaotic drawer to remind me of just how unorganized I am. 

2) "LESS" cultivates creativity. Just like limiting your paint palette, using a select number of products cause you to explore more, and forces you to create on your own instead of relying on just the product itself. You learn how to maximize what you have and discover how to use in new ways. It also allows less distraction during the creative process--you don't have to "think", allowing more freedom in your creative process.

3) Saves you money and more. Yes, owning less supplies is definitely easier on the pocketbook, but I think it is also a mental thing. When I spend a ton on suppliesI feel the pressure to not just use them, but also to make sure I use them correctly so I can "get my money's worth". That caused me to focus on the end result instead of the process and creativity. Also, managing less "stuff" saves so much more time and energy; more time to create and less time dragging things out and putting them away

So what are my favorite art supplies at the moment? My daily go-to products right now are probably, texture medium, acrylic paint, gel medium, woody stabilo pencils and art resin. When I'm art journaling or creating just a single project for the sole purpose of creating, I try to pull out just a few of my favorite supplies and paint colors and get started.

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