My top 5 hacks for art studio organization

art studio organization


If you saw my art studio right now, you would laugh that I'm actually offering tips for art organization. But, as an unorganized person, I love when I can actually find hacks that help me to get organized, and stay organized. Here are my top 5 things I've purchased that have been game changers, and are time tested. In another words, I put these in organization methods in place and have actually be able to keep them organized, and function without the stress of always searching. The biggest tip I've learned that is helpful to me as an unorganized person, is to put supplies that you use daily in clear containers in an easily accessible spot.

If you are new here, I am Stacy Spangler, a mixed media artist and online instructor, and I've been teaching and creating art since 2007. I love using all kinds of art mediums in my art, and I'm always experimenting with new supplies, so there's a lot of chaos in my art studio art all times. You can follow along with what I'm creating on a daily basis on my Instagram page. 

Here's my top 5 hacks that have been game changers in my art studio to help me stay organized.

1) Rolling Carts

art studio organization

My art studio is in my extra garage, and is not climate controlled so certain times of the year, I have to move all my paint indoors for storage purposes, and also so I can work inside my home. These rolling carts have been a life saver. I've organized mine by warm and cool colors. I got these from IKEA, but you can also find a similar model HERE.

2) Flat plastic storage bins

art supply organization

I create a lot with papers, both hand painted and printed, so I have a ton of paper. I recently set these clear cases up by standing them vertically by color, like a file system, instead of stacking horizontally. I'm also a hoarder of paper scraps so I have four plastic drawers sorted by warm and cool colors and black and white. I have purchased the flat cases from both Hobby Lobby and Michaels, or you can order them HERE. 

3) Clear containers/glass jars

storage containers for art supplies

I have tons of brushes, pencils, marking tools, etc. that are way to pretty and colorful to be stashed in a drawer, so I use my recycled glass jars to organize. Clear containers make it so easy to locate, grab and bring to my work table without having to search. My favorite jars are recycled from my favorite Raos Spaghetti sauce :) 

4) Art Portfolio book

art storage for prints and art on paper

I create quite a bit of art on paper, and also offer professional prints of my artwork, so this art portfolio book provides a safe and organized way to store all of these. I  purchased this portfolio  many years ago, but here's one similar. 

5) Rolling cabinets

art storage hacks art storage organization

These pieces were a bigger investment, but have helped me tremendously for storing and protecting artwork and supplies. They are both on casters which make them easy to move around in my studio. I can even use the large metal cabinet (purchased from Sam's Wholesale) as somewhat of a petition or room divider. I was gifted the wooden filing cabinet with the flat drawers from a family member, and refinished it (see the transformation on my IG story highlights), but it provides wonderful at-a-glance storage space for supplies, papers and artwork. 

Do you have a favorite organization hack you could share with me? I'm always looking for new things to implement in my studio to help me be more organized and would love to hear what you have done. 

If you are an artist, I'd love for you to pass these hacks with others by sharing this post! 

This post is not sponsored by any stored mentioned in this post, however, I  do earn a small commission on any supplies purchased from my Amazon store front HERE.


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  • Thank you Stacy. Great ideas. My art storage are bags and any king of box. I finished have one rolling cart. Time for a new one.


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