My top ten recycled materials perfect for the art studio

10 recycled items perfect for your craft room

These recycled items can be game changers in your art studio or craft room organization and even for your creative process. 

Don't throw that away!!!

Here's 10 things you might normally throw away that can come in really handy in your art studio.  These must-have recycled materials for your art room will make you think twice about pitching them in the trash can.

1. Clear pastry or fruit containers make great storage for collage fodder.

storage containers for collage fodder

2. Glass jars for paint brush and pencil storage

recycled containers perfect for the art room

3. Pizza boxes lids for a substrate for your art. These are also great for painted paper storage and they make great disposable table top easels.

pizza box canvas

4.Tea tins for paint pens, palette knifes or pencils

recycled tea tins or art storage

5. Hotel key cards or old credit cards for special painting techniques

paint techniques with discarded hotel keys

6. Glass recycled from old frames make the perfect paint palette

recycle glass for the perfect paint palette

7. Empty foil boxes for washi tape storage

washi tape storage idea

8. Plastic coffee containers for paint water 

recycled coffee containers for paint water

9. Cardboard flats for fabric organization

fabric storage ideas

10. Clear egg cartons for paint mixing

egg cartons for paint mixing

I'd love to hear if you've used any of these ideas in your art studio already. And I'd love to hear of other ideas recycled materials that you used in your studio.

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  • I don’t get clear egg cartons, but I do cut the lids off of foam cartons to use for paint palettes. Also use foil pieces from end of roll to cover a clipboard for palettes. I have a glass palette, but it’s big for just a little paint.

    Donna Wood
  • The foil box washi dispenser is fire!

    Laura Dodson

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