Why do I create art?

stacy spangler art

I always think it's important to know my "why" when I'm investing a large portion of my time and energy into something. 

Here's my top "WHYS" for pursing creativity and art....

1) It's a God-given calling for this season. I can share my hope, and connect with God and others. I believe we are all created to create in some form or fashion (Genesis 1:27)

2) It's a provision-it helps provide additional income for our family and allows me to give to where God leads me to give.

5) It's a positive hobby and great way to relieve stress. Believe me, I've had some not so positive ways I used to spend my time. 

One of my favorite “whys” for painting is my collectors. God brings so many amazing people across my path through my art. I always love to hear why someone connects with my artwork enough to purchase a piece.

Stacy Spangler art and American Heart Association

I don't always get to hear the stories, but it always makes me so happy when I do. This is one of my favorites. Each year, I paint a Lady in Red artwork for the local Sweetheart Ball auction. I never really know who wins the original art, or even how much money it raises, but I know its going for a great cause, and one that is close to my heart because heart disease has impacted my family many times over the year.

This year, when I posted the painting for the auction on social media, Jessica reached out to me to see if she could order a larger print of the auction art. This 44-year old courageous lady survived an ischemic stroke this summer and really connected with the painting. She said, “It reminds me that my stroke doesn’t define me and I can still be that fun girl that I was!” Her husband purchased this framed print for her for Valentine's Day. 

What an honor to have my art be a small part of her story, and reminds me what an important part art plays in our world. 

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