Tips for showing your art ....

... In places other that an art gallery

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I've been showing my artwork locally since 2015 and have learned a ton of best practices over the years. If this is something you've considered, but don't know where to begin, here's a few basic tips and important things to consider.

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Things to consider for an art exhibit.

What are some good places to show my artwork besides a gallery?

Anywhere with wall space. Remember that by exhibiting your artwork, you are providing them the opportunity to have beautiful art at no expense to them, plus it can bring them new customers and exposure. 

Here's a few examples of places to show your art; Restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, furniture stores, doctor's offices, spas, salons. Consider things that could possibly damage your artwork like humidity, excessive sun, clientele, etc.

What other things do I need to consider when showing my art?

Once you've secured a spot to show, here are some of the things I make sure to have ready and in place for an exhibition.

  • Decide on a cohesive collection and have a variety of price points.
  • Make sure your art is wired and ready to hang.
  • Wall tags for each piece
  • Inventory sheet spread sheet
  • Payment Options
  • About the artist info
  • Follow Up system
  • Commission terms/consignment agreement
  • Kick off Reception 
  • Spread the word about your exhibit to your social media, email list and friends
  • Bring your own tool box complete with all the essentials

What other questions do you have about showing your art locally?

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