Why Creating a Personal Art Collection Matters

As an independent artist and entrepreneur, putting together and sharing a personal art collection has been one of the most challenging, but rewarding things I've done. It's more than just a bunch of random pieces; it's a curated set of works that tell a story about my journey, my vision, and the the experiences in my life. It's a summary of how I see a little slice of my world.

So, What Exactly is a Personal Art Collection?

You hear the phrase, "I'm releasing my latest collection" a lot from artists. So what does this mean, and is it important to do if you're trying to establish yourself as an artist?

First, a personal art collection is a series of artworks are created with a specific theme or intention. It shows off the evolution of your style and ideas, giving a glimpse into your creative world. Each piece in the collection is connected, helping to tell a bigger, more cohesive story.


Missing My Friends Collection, 2020, inspired by the Pandemic and me missing my friends and a sense of community.

It can be as simple as "My trip to the beach" where you share the experiences you encountered on a trip; "My favorite Flowers" with a collection of florals you've painted over the years; to something deeper and more meaningful that shares a struggle you've had or an injustice you want to champion.

Why is the "Art Collection" concept beneficial?

  1. Brings Your vision to life

Creating a collection lets you express your vision in a clear and powerful way. It’s like telling a story where every piece is a chapter. This helps viewers dive deeper into your work, making a stronger connection with what you are trying to say.

  1. Boosts Your Professional Profile

A well-put-together collection can really boost your professional image. It shows you can create a unified body of work, which can catch the eye of galleries, collectors, and critics. This can lead to more opportunities, like exhibitions and sales, and even increase the value of your individual pieces.

  1. Grows you as an Artist

The process of creating a collection is a great way to explore new techniques and ideas. It pushes you to grow and refine your artistic voice. This kind of deep dive often leads to exciting breakthroughs that shape future works.

  1. Financial Benefits

Selling a cohesive collection not only give you more art to sell, but it captures an interested audience. Whether it's through direct sales or gallery exhibitions, a well-received collection can bring in extra income by identifying a target audience and create more sales. Plus, having a cohesive collection can help with creating a print or product line to help supplement your income.

  1. Leaving a Legacy

A personal collection is a lasting record of your artistic journey. It’s something that can be appreciated by future generations, and a way to leave your mark in a meaningful way. 

When you put together a personal art collection, it makes it easier to share the heart behind your artistic journey, connect with more people, and establish yourself in the art community. While it can be daunting challenge, it is a crucial step in building a sustainable and impactful career as an artist.

Piece by Piece Collection, 2018, featuring a new collage technique. Subject inspired by a trip to Sedona, Arizona.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on creating a personal collection when selling your artwork-have you tried it? Was it helpful? What are the challenges? Head over to my Instagram page, find this post, and join the conversation!

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