Creating In Him

  • Why Creating a Personal Art Collection Matters

    So, What Exactly is a Personal Art Collection?

    You hear the phrase, "I'm releasing my latest collection" a lot from artists. So what does this mean, and is it important to do if you're trying to establish yourself as an artist?

  • What is your "New" for the New Year?

    I'm a dreamer and a goal setter. A firm believer that if you dream something and want to make it happen, you have to write it down and have some sort of plan, or you will look up in 1, 5, 10 years down the road, and you will still be dreaming the same dream, but one stained with regret. I lived that way for years, wondering how others accomplished so much, as I sat back and cheered on their wins...
  • Collecting art inspiration as you travel

    I returned recently from an epic road trip with my oldest daughter. We covered 7 states in 4 days, and while the memories made with her are forever etched on my heart and in my mind, I couldn't resist taking advantage of the awe inspiring scenes along the way that will most certainly impact my art in the months to come...
  • Creative packaging for your art and products

    As a creative with a marketing background, I love the concept of packaging my artwork and other products. Whether selling at art shows, online, or...